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Water, Nature, Sun & Peace on earth…
Live today as tomorrow and yesterday are not needed in your calendar..  BeautifulMusic


Happiness is a choice,
Peace is a state of mind,
Harmony is their freedom.
🌬 Our universe🌌i is incredibly huge, She is fantastically✨ beautiful, and the stars are the greatest “workers” in the universe! Transforming matter things into energy, they fill up all the expanses of the universe with life, creating galaxies and worlds🌎
Our whole world, our whole universe, obeys and even consists of vibrations. Solid matter consists of so-called standing waves. The sound OM🕉 In yoga🧘🏼‍♂️ and Buddhism is considered the root cause of everything. the whole universe arose from this sound with all its worlds and is supported by this sound. The planets are held in their orbits by the wave structure of space. Each star system has its own sound frequency. The speed of rotation of the planets around their axis is also set by the vibration frequency of the given star system. For millions of years, stars in the sky have attracted a person — they means beauty, mystery, incomprehensibility … Part of this star is in your heart, All what you need just go in your heart and will know yours star ✨. Followed to an ancient legend, each person has his own ⭐️ which lights up at the moment of his birth and leaves heaven at the moment of his death. ✨
Samādhi Fm🙏🏽📻🌌 Remix
The world is full of wonders, there is a tremendous amount of beauty, love and magic and each person chooses the path of either sleep or awakening, either development or degradation. We wake up and see reality, clearly what brings you the harmony, makes you stronger, in the heart of changes are our thoughts, changing the way of thinking, we change our life, stopping the internal dialogue, we come to the truth. Today we can very clearly observe what is happening in the social world, what it offers to people and what it leads to. A prosperous society is not an utopia. This is the unification of people of the same energy range. Giving a cleanse to our bodies and minds, we improve the quality of our lives, the perception of the world will become more beautiful, and events will begin to unfold blissfully by magically. SamadhiMusic
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Lets feel the world not only through our body but also through our soul and then we will see our world whit another endless, eternal.
Miami sunsets are some of the most beautiful on earth, they are charming. Meditation at sunset is very productive, as the sun takes away all your fatigue, negative feelings of the day.
An endless stream of thoughts burns out in the sun and your mind calms down. Catch the feeling of purity and emptiness, guide the sun …
Next, mentally fill yourself with the clear, bright energy of relaxation. Now, you can safely go to bed. 🙂
Our planet is unique and just one day spent on it is the most amazing sight in the whole universe 🌎


Let your heart speak to others hearts,
Let things come to you,
Life is a flow of love; your participation is requested 😉
And there was one and the same words all over the earth.
Nowadays the world is like one big information island
why do such falls occur?
It’s just that the properties of the creator are in us, the property of bestowal has grown so strong that it can cope with the next portion of egoism, which they immediately add to it. Work must not stop; we need a complete purification. Therefore, at the moment, many feel a fall (that is, you hear the questions of egoism, which you are now correcting). The questions of egoism do not change; they are all very logical, earthly, but its problem is that you are already different.
You felt a taste of the spiritual state and the whole further path is the stages of the correction of egoism using the properties of the creator. and all mankind must go this way in order to continue its existence and life on this beautiful planet. 🌕✨🌌🙏🏽 ChillWorldAmbient

Do good friends !)






No matter what our modern world is, we must not forget that we are part of our beautiful nature, and nature is programmed for prosperity, so let’s do it !)🌳🌍✨🌌🙏🏼 #savenature #humanprosperity.

For better listening to this composition, out on your headphones, take a comfortable position and close your eyes, start breathing smoothly, immersed in the vibrations of this track, welcome to your fairy forest, ENJOY💚

Amazonia — the extraordinary world of the largest forest in the world.
An impressive part of the territory of the South American continent is the largest Amazonian lowland on the planet, occupying almost 5 million km2, in which 9 states are located. Amazonia got its name from the Amazon River that flows through it, the whole vast natural area is also called. A few decades ago, it was entirely covered by a single, largest forest on the planet.
Event today, when cities have been built and roads built, as a result of which a significant part of the lowland has lost its vegetation, it still remains the largest forest in the world.  BeautifulMelodyamazon
placeholder Music

Close your eyes and feel it

Digital travel of high vibrations.

Have you ever wondered who could live in our grand universe ?

First set of Samadhi, listen and Enjoy.

There can be no test without puzzles, a puzzle is duality, duality is presented as the multidimensionality of darkness and Light. When you come here 🌏 this puzzle is given to you, you can freely go in any desired direction and many go in the direction of creating a drama cauldron and as a result of this choice a person chooses a difficult test and only people decide to get out of this problem or stay in it, you have a free choice of a person, as well as knowledge.
You have already entered the playing field where energy is not measurable with your divinity and this is the reason for the wars, disappointments, lack of integrity, dishonesty and so on. This is the reality of this universe and no matter if you want it to be better and it’s way bigger than you can see it includes the peace on earth and new understanding of things.
A beautiful creature is known in the world under different names, despite the many names, a powerful creature in every country and religion symbolizes the thirst for life, the power of faith and the imperishability of the soul.                                                 HotMusic


Meditation Set.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I recommend listening to this music with headphones. Do not listen when driving a vehicle or in places where your attention is needed. Take a comfortable position, close your eyes, relax, start breathing deeply and calmly, call on your angels to help you do this meditation, start playing “Silence of Reason” to see a lot of thoughts that flow into your head, start watching thoughts, and then remove them in a playful way, clear your mind, for that we need to learn how to stop the mind machine, to hear the heart, to be here and now, this music contains many vibrations, such as 528 Hz 936 Hz 963 Hz and 2675 Hz activation of pineal g I climb. Enjoy. At the end of meditation, thanks to yourself and the higher mind that you believe in, Amen🙏🏽
The predator always looks straight and the victim to the sides.
Feel high 

Mother Earth we thank you for transforming all energies into light !

catch the silence of the mind and fly, a pleasant flight.
Our angels are always near.

Judaism Prayers

Judaism is a religion based and founded on knowledge.
Jewish music takes its place from many sources such as religious texts and cultures where Jews lived. For example music of Iranian/Arabic Jews is very different from the music of the European Jews.
Love your fellowman as yourself !

Christian Prayers

I decided to collect and put together prayers, church hymns from the peasant religion, there is a choir from the Italian Catholic Church, singers from the Georgian and Armenian monasteries, as well as a beautiful performance of the Greek and Russian Canonist And so on
Peasant prayers, to this day remain one of the brightest, kindest and purest appeals to God, especially in a lively sound, this is a strong and useful vibration for us Amin.

Muslim Prayers

Islam is a religion of brotherhood, kindness, cooperation and solidarity.
Islam does not allow harming one’s body, one’s soul, offending another, or even just bullying. Islam teaches 4 things these are: 1.Knowledge. 2.Action. 3.A call for good deeds. 4. Patient transfer of insults and difficulties. 
Love and Friendship is the energy that does not disappear trace.
Our body is the instrument of spirit in the world of mother !
Being alive is incredible
Junk is everywhere and all the time
Save the nature.